Sarawak Bloggers 1st Anniversary

Hello April! Hello my birthday month! Hello older me! =.=

I've been with Sarawak Bloggers for a year already!!! And yes! Sarawak Bloggers is also a year old now! Congrats much to Cyril and the rest of the management!!! I'm so glad I joined you guys! 

Sarawak Bloggers' birthday was celebrated last month at Myst Cafe which is located at Premier 101. Just next to Koreana. 

A small cafe that serves unique food and the best of all, there's lotsa board games around!!! Me love board games!! Like monopoly, aeroplane chess, chinese checkers, Uno card and much more! Hey boss! Can request for a set of Risk game? I miss that game alot!!!

The little 'stage' backdrop designed by I-don't-know-who. Oh of course, Shiok is the official partner of Sarawak Bloggers =)

Me and bf was there way early!!! I dislike being late. Hehehe =) Why do I look so weird in this photo ah?

Being early means no food and no people yet. So we decided to play some games while waiting for the rest to come over. This Ludo game is so different from the original aeroplane chess.

There! The humans who came right on time! 2 youths from Youth Works Asia came along to join us. Everyone's a youth ok! =D

Foods of the night! I love the bread with er...tuna I think. The one at the right is actually stuffed potatoes!!!

Garlic bread and something I do not know. But hey it's nice!!! Teach you something, you go to Myst Cafe, load my blog and show Desmond (a lengzai there) this photo and say you want that bread thing with brown powder on top. LOL I seriously recommend that!!

French fries and yam fries with fried noodle. Slurp slurp! I love fries!!!!!

What a birthday without a birthday cake? =D

Cake cutting ceremony by The Boss!

And I hohoho! Surprised the management by giving each one of them a mini gift =) Boss happy! Hahaha!

Datin pun happy! When Boss and Datin happy, we all happy!!!!

A proper photo of the cake. This huge cake was sponsored by Desmond J and the 2 small ones were by coordinating team. I only slurp at the chocolate fudge cake. YUMMEH!!!!!!


A group photo is a must no matter the event! 

Dear readers, if you are yet a member of Sarawak Bloggers, I strongly encourage you all to join us! You'll never know life will change after you join us =) And I do hope that more members will come out to join our event next time. Cheers all!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAWAK BLOGGERS!!! And the many more to come!!!


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