Desktop Organizer

I am messy. 

But I love to be tidy.

But I am lazy.

Therefore my room is messy =.=

Yeah and mom said I'm a MBKS. Ish! I want to be tidy. I keep my office desk very vERy VERY TIDY!!! I always arrange things according to sizes and alphabets. But I just can't bother to do it at home. Ok part of my room is tidy. accessories table! I put everything into a box and arrange them nicely. 

But then again, most part of my room is messy. Hey if it's not messy then it's not my room! It's a hotel room! =D (that's what a lazy person always say)

So here is how my computer table looks like. I have lotsa papers. Be it forms or letters or rough papers or books or cards. I just dump everything there and let it be. It's been like that for years!!!

Until recently the amount of paper can no longer stand on it's own and I have nothing to hold it, I know it's time to get something from the stationary shop. So off I went to Think in Motion after browsing their online catalogue. Online catalogue is so user friendly! Me love!

This is call a desktop organizer *duh!* I'm so happy that it comes in the size that I wanted it to be and of course, so hype to see the color black available!!!

After minutes of tidying and sorting out everything that should and should not be on my table. I'm happy with the end result =) Who isn't? Heeee~~~

Everything neat and tidy. Ahhhh satisfaction is bliss! I no longer need to fuss over papers flying around my room~


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