Kim Bay Portugese Tart

Last weekend while I was out dining on a usual Saturday night, mom called up to ask me buy some breakfast for next morning. Since I was at Kim Bay @ Hills, I decided to give their egg tart a try. I'm not a huge fan of egg tart but many said that Kim Bay's egg tarts are awesome. Gotta try for myself to taste how awesome can it be =)

I bought 2 Portugese tart, 1 durian, 1 green tea, 1 chocolate and 1 original tart. The Portugese tart is RM4.80 for 2 pieces while the rest will be RM3.80 for 2 pieces. They really do smell good when the waiter gave me the package.

My opinion? I don't like the durian ones. Still prefer original durian fruit itself. HAHA! My bro ate the chocolate ones so I didn't get to try it. My first piece was to try the Portugese tart. Oh man! IT'S ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!! Serious!!!!! I said it, I'm not a huge fan of egg tart but this is awesome!!! As for the rest, I ate the original one and it tasted just the same. Only crispier =)

I'll surely go back for that Portugese tart! Good job Steven!


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