Yong's 14th Birthday

My brother finally turned 14 this year. Kids grow up way too fast! I thought yesterday he was just 1 year old? Hehehe =)

I remember his 1st birthday was celebrated at Sugarbun, the one located behind St Jo. What does a 1 year old boy know? Nothing but crawling around the floor and laughing just cos he sees the adults laughing without knowing that they're actually laughing at his cuteness =P

14 years pass way too fast too! Now he's taller than me. Yes he's been comparing his height to mine ever since he know the existence of height. Now I'm in 3rd place. Pfffttttttt! Kids nowadays grow so much taller and bigger than us don't they? I wonder what they eat. Hmm.....

As always, chocolate cake is both our favourite so mommy dear will always know what to choose when she steps into the bakery. No other choice but chocolates!

7 early 8 early woke me up just to be his photographer. *yawn!* 

Happily getting old! =P

Oh I forgot to snap photo of my present for him. It's a wallet since his old one worn out already. Nice black and white wallet from FOS.

Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY! I hope you wish for straight As in your PMR =D


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