Butter Cake

It's a baking Sunday!!! Yep I went back to baking. Hehe =) I used to love baking so much cos I helped out my mom with baking when I was lil. Brings back old memories back at the shophouse we stayed. Mom will be the one weighing all the ingredients needed and doing the mixture while I'll help with beating the egg whites. Hehehe =D

I enjoy baking but I just dislike cleaning up. Haha! Who likes to clean up anyway =P

So, last week I asked mom for the butter cake recipe. Then I got all the ingredients except for the baking sheet and flour. So I asked for mom's help to get those ingredients. Mom is awesome when I'm lost. 

Today bf came over to help me with baking. It's my first time baking a cake without mom around to tell me what to do and how to do it. Cos I'm so used to baking that I already know how to mix the ingredients and how it should look like after the mixture so it's my turn to ask bf help with beating the egg whites. Hahaha!

After about one and a half hour of preparation, the cake is ready to bake!

Mixture of sugar, butter, egg yolks, flour and lastly egg whites! This was put into the oven and baked for an hour. Had to constantly check it after 45mins of baking just to make sure it's not over-baked.

One hour later. The yummy aroma filled my whole house. Bet my neighbours are slurping away. Hahaha!

A lil overbaked at the side but the center of the cake is just right.

Time for nom nom nom!!! Want a bite? Hehehe~

Til my next baking session~ Not giving out recipe cos it's my mom's recipe =P All you have to do is just google it up~ Hehehehe


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