Chiang Hui's 23rd Birthday

So I finally have the mood to blog. Was feeling rather messy for the past week and didn't bother to update my blog =P This is a post way back two weeks ago. 

My old friend Ah Hui finally turned OLD!!! It's a double celebration for him. Birthday and Fathers' Day!!! Who would ever believe that he's a dad for 3 beautiful girls? Hehehe =) Friends were all invited to his house for barbecue session! Yummeh!!! Free food makes everyone happy!

Chicken wings are like the MUST-HAVES during barbecue. This time we have personal chef to cook for us. Ho ho ho! Means I can sit there and just wait for my food =D

Slurping? Man now that I'm looking at this photo, I do feel hungry! Ugh! You know it's best not to blog when you're hungry =.='''

There's even ikan bakar!!! But I didn't eat this cos this dish came out late and I need to go home cos it's weekday. Can't stay late =(

This is not a game session. Just Muscle Man trying to break the ice =D

Ah Hui's 3 beautiful princesses!!!! Jovell, Daphne and Clarice! They're so adorable and sweet!!!

Clarice sticks with me whole night. Haha! I'm so hype that I do not want to let her off. Kekekekeke Me love kids what!

She's only a year old. Sho cute! Normally she doesn't like strangers but surprisingly that night her mood is rather good!!! She's the quiet type. Doesn't talk much nor struggle to get down on floor. Love love love!!!

Jim boy lighting up the birthday cake~ Oh and by the way, he is our chef of the night. Hahaha!

Family photo!!! Only part family member is here. Many couldn't make it due to studies, exam, work and etc. Hahaha! Oh we're won't worry about that. Cos there will be parties every now and then =)

Til then~ Signing off!

p/s: Sssshhhhhh I used to want 4 kids. Hahahahaha!!! We'll just wait and see =P And don't ask me when will I get married cos it won't be in a few years time. Just take your time and wait =)


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