Ipoh Town Kopitiam

The weathers are so crazy these days! It's as if the sun had turned around and our country became the desert =.= Even staying home also it's so hot. What's best to do during a hot day? Yummeh ice cream? Or ice kacang? Hehehehe =)

I went for car wash!!! Looks like it's gonna be until tomorrow or the day after for the rain to come. And since my car haven't been showered thoroughly for long, I sent it for washy washy at B4 Ten car wash just opposite Betong Flat. Surprise surprise! I didn't know my dance teacher's dad opened his ice kacang stall there and named it Ah Yeo's Ice Kacang 2! Hehehehe =P Of course the one at Chung Hua No.3 primary school is still available. This second stall is under the management of his son. So now I get to enjoy ice kacang while waiting for my car to get washed~ 

After car wash, I wanted to go around the new shoplots at Stutong area cos I've never been there. I feel so sakai =.= There's so many things to see but I felt as if I'm walking into the shops around Matang area, if you get what I mean.

I love some improper meal on a lazy Sunday. Took my breakfast at 10am, had a light lunch at 12pm and then yummy tea break around 3pm. Hehehehe

Me and bf headed over to Ipoh Town at Brighton Square for some tea break session after loitering at Stutong. Didn't buy anything, Just wanna walk around.

Some nice toast, spring rolls, polo bun, ice plum juice and of course, when you're at Ipoh Town, how can you ever miss the white coffee kan? =)

Happy Sunday peeps~


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