Ling Loong Seafood at TopSpot

Last weekend me and bf decided to celebrate our monthly anniversary at a special place. Nothing exquisite or expensive, neither is there candlelight or roses. Just a simple seafood meal and it's our first time having seafood meal together! Believe that! We never go for any seafood meal before. Well mainly because I'm not a big fan for seafood. But why this time? Only one reason: I craved for assam fish!!!

So one week before the dinner, we drafted our plan for the night. Get several options and then hit down to one. The famous Ling Loong Seafood located at TopSpot. We even wrote out the dishes that we wanted to order. Hehehe =)

As a first timer ordering seafood, we were kinda lost. Haha! It's funny how the order session went. I wanted so much for assam fish but I never bother what fish they use or how they even cook it. I only know I want assam fish! When the waitress asked, "What type of fish do you want?" we looked at each other and went blank! My eyes screamed for Help! Hahahaha! I think somehow the waitress realized it and gave us her choice of fish. LOL At that moment I felt like I'm such a fail housewife (Well that's what I always tell people). Hahahaha!

Here is my man! I love to see him in his white Polo shirt. Handsome max! Hehehehehe =P

First dish: Oat chicken. Ok this one is definitely a wrong choice! Not nice at all! The chicken is so hard that my teeth felt like they're gonna fall anytime soon =.=

Second dish: Baby kailan cooked with oyster sauce. Superb!!! I love how other people cook the baby kailan. I think their oyster sauce must be like super cheap =.='''

Main dish of the night: My assam fish!!!!!!!! Yummmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! It's a little too spicy and bf doesn't really like spicy food. So I told bf to finish off the baby kailan and the oat chicken while I'll finish this dish. Hahaha!

Result after one hour of finger licking good! Slurps~~~~

The meal is awesome especially the assam fish!!! Love it to the max!!! And hey it's not even expensive! I was expecting it near to 100rm since the portion is kinda huge but I was so shocked when the bill came. ONLY RM51!!!!! Man I'm so gonna go back for more!!! This time I'll order oat prawn instead. Haha!


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