3rd Blog Header

YES I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I awesomely edited my own blog header for the very first time! Damnit it feels so good to be able to edit the whole thing!!! I was already giving up and asking for help. But knowing me, I don't give up even after I asked for help. In the end, I did it!

Of course, many thanks to Jim for helping me out. Hehehehe =D He's the only photo editor that I found online at 12 midnight. Hahahaha! Kesian kena dragged into this matter =P

Anyway I'm happy! A great ending for Saturday night and an awesome start for a Sunday~ Good weekend I had didn't I? Hehehe =)

Oh yeah! Photo credits to Edmund. I was thinking who was the one who took that photo until I remembered, who else but the one who had been taking my photos for years? Soul mate is what I call him. Lovely~

Alright! Nights all!


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