Kuching Festival 2011

Slurps! I just had the most awesome food ever! The famous fried durian from Kuching Festival this year. My mom actually went there at 4.50pm and waited until 7.30pm til they arrive!!! Love my mama! Hehehe =) Pics will be up in next post. 

As for this post, it's one of the awesome moment of my life! My first time capturing fireworks with my Nikon. Yes it's superb! I mesmerized myself with my own photos. Haha!

All this years, I have never gone to Kuching Fest on the first night because I know there's gonna be lots of people there so I'll always wait until the second week then I'll go. Hehehe =) But not this year! I was determined to shoot fireworks which will be displayed on the first night because our CM is gonna be there to launch the fest.

Surprise surprise bf was ok with my idea. So off we went to Kuching Fest on the first night. Parked super far away though we were there quite early. My sole mission was to capture as many shots of fireworks as possible. But I was way too excited days before that I forgot what settings should I use! On immediate, I msg'ed Sifu! Hehehe =D Again, thank you Sifu for your advice!

Here's the stage and few loyal citizens waiting patiently for CM to arrive. Half an hour late =.=''' I'm standing at the limit line. Can't go any nearer to the stage. Another reason to get a zoom lens.

While waiting for CM to finish his speech, I wandered off to snap a few stuff around. This photo is blur but I love the reflection on the water and how the bulbs look much nicer than when it is sharp. =P~ Ada romantic feel mo? Haha!

And the launch starts! First shot was to the Kuching Festival 2011 words. I had a hard time trying to capture the words. It just won't work =( Sifu! How to shoot the words with the fire on?

Ok let's view through my firework shots =) I'm happy! My blog does not do the photos well. They look super awesome on my monitor full screen. Haha!

Red pair.

Bursting red.


Slow reflection.


Awesome burst!

I still have alot more to learn about capturing fireworks. This first time experience is real good. I feel great! Hehehe =) And fyi, I was without tripod. Haha! My knee and elbow were my tripod that night.


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