My 23 Years Old Toothy

On the first day of Kuching Festival 2011, I went to the dentist that morning to extract my tooth that had been causing me not only headaches and toothaches but also wallet-ache. =.= I'd spent so much on this tooth. Trying my very best to keep it alive. But nothing seems to work well for me. 

It's been 23years. I never knew it. Only last year when I went to the dentist, he told me this tooth of mine is still the baby tooth! Surprise surprise! I went home to check on my dental report card, yeap! It's never been extracted before! I remember I used to like it when the dentists visit our school. First cos I get to have FREE dental checkups. Second cos dentist always said my teeth are good! Hehehehe =) Proud user of Colgate! Haha!

Anyway, it's been 23years. Tons of stuff must have happened to the tooth without me knowing it. The side started to crack and then the hole became bigger and bigger. Sob.....

It hurts when I eat, it hurts when I brush my teeth, it hurts even more when I finally decided to extract it. Sorry am being a lil too emotional here. 

So here goes, bye bye toothy! You'd served me well for 23years! I asked the dentist for my tooth back. Hehehe =) Ada kam cheng marh!! Now I'm still thinking whether or not should I throw it away. Hmm......


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