Westlife Gravity Tour 2011 by MixFM

Hello MALAYSIA! Hehehe =D I'm the happiest girl on Earth yesterday! Ok maybe not the happiest but I am happy!!! I was so happy that I smiled the whole day, replay the images in my mind, tell everyone about it and now I'm gonna blog about it! So be ready for my awesomeness!

First of all, I need to say tons and tons of thank you to MixFM for making my wish came true. I wouldn't be so hype if it wasn't for them. It's like I had to wait a decade for this and I wasn't putting much hope but the gift came! It's almost a lifetime opportunity for Kuchingite like m =P~ *macam kahwin je* Ok maybe it is as happy as getting married. Haha! So yes, thank you to the whole MixFM crew and also to the sponsors =D

So what did MixFM do to me that make me hype until today?

None other than giving me 2 FREE TICKETS to watch WESTLIFE LIVE IN BUKIT JALIL!!!!!

YES you heard it right. I AM GOING TO WATCH WESTLIFE'S CONCERT LIVE IN STADIUM BUKIT JALIL!!! What more can you ask for when your childhood fantasies are all becoming a reality right in front of your eyes. Ladies, tell me you do not like Westlife =) And then give me your tickets. Haha!

I was asked by Ryan, the Mix announcer who was on air yesterday, "How much of a big fan are you of Westlife". How to measure my love towards them? Haha! I've been listening to their songs ever since they started. Yes of course they're cute =P~ But they're good at singing too.

Although some may tell me that they're not original because they only sing other people's songs, but who don't? Everyone will take back songs from the 60s', edit a little of the tune, and then sing it out loud. So why judge? =)

Second album: Coast to Coast. Awesome songs like 'My Love', 'I Lay My Love On You', 'Coast to Coast' and many others were produced. Now those are not old songs right? =D

They started with 5 members. Namely Shane Filan, Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily and Brian Mcfadden. Then towards year 2004, Brian decided to quit Westlife because of some personal matters. Then I didn't follow his news anymore. After he left, Westlife went a little quiet for awhile. But they made a came back with their 6th album: Allow Us To Be Frank. 

Now they're here in Malaysia with their 11th album tour! The Gravity Tour!!! Awesome!

Now now now....let's get back and be a lil girl. Everyone always choose one member out of the whole group to be their favourite one. So who's mine? =D

It's the charming Nicky Byrne! Let's do a lil profile check-ups.

Fullname: Nicholas Bernard James Adam Byrne
DOB: 9th October 1978 (Libra)
Place of Birth: Baydoyle, Dublin, Ireland (Ok I'm determine to visit Dublin one day)
Previous Job: Footballer, Goalkeeper of Leeds Utd
Favourite Football Team: Manchester United! (Now that could be another reason for me to love ManU)
Favourite Band: Boyzone
Favourite Animals: Dogs and Horses

Need more? Go Google lah! =D

A compilation of their overall 11 albums! I can't wait to meet them on 7th October at Bukit Jalil. The thoughts of being in front of them or rather, them being in front of me is making me smile to myself every minute. I'm already thinking what to wear! =D

Should I bring my poster there? Should I bring the old cassette's cover for them to sign? Should I get a shirt there for them to sign on? Or should I do something else? HELP I'M OVERREACTING! 

Alright I better stop staring at Nicky's wallpaper and focus on my bf who is in webcam now. Haha! Maybe I should set my monitor's wallpaper to Westlife's poster. Hmm.....Good idea. Will do that.

To all of you out there who won the tickets through MixFM, hope to see you guys there too! Can't waittttttttttttttttttt!!!!!


Anonymous said…
I love Westlife so much..!!!!

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