Gravity Tour 2011 Tickets

FINALLY the tickets are here!!! I've been waiting for the calls from AMP radio wanting to know will they send the tickets to me or do I have to go to the studio to claim it myself. Finally the wait is over and lala I'm so happy today =D

The arrival of the tickets just made my whole gloomy week became bright shiny sky!

Yes I know I haven't blog about anything lately. Let's just put in point form for easier view.

1st - My CPU was diagnosed with PHD on the first day of Raya. So I had it hospitalized the next day and it's not back yet. Doctor said the damage is bad that I need to change the heart =( A vERy costly operation. But luckily my CPU still can recall back all the memories. No lost memory. Only lost of heartbeat.

2nd - Not such a great holiday I had. Storm came along with thunders and lightnings and then the whole night rain pour. Ugh it's bad and I don't want to mention it again.

3rd - And when I thought my poor CPU is doing well at the hospital, my Nokia decided to dump me =( Nokia refused to wake up after I put it into a deep sleep last Sunday afternoon. So that's how I lost a few contacts and important sms'es got stuck in Nokia's memory. Sigh.....Why oh why oh why~~~

4th - While CPU is still in hospital, I got my laptop from bf just to survive the week away. So while Nokia is in the morgue,  I dug up my old Samsung E360. 2 days using it and was not a problem. Still receiving tweets like usual. 'coach' called me up all the way from Melbourne on Tuesday night that only I realized my Samsung is not in good condition. It's old already therefore it needs hearing aid. Sigh.....

You tell me lah. How to live my life like this? Doctor called up and said my CPU's operation will cost RM500. And then I'm going to KL this month end plus the Westlife concert getaway some more. How can I not be broke?

Been having dilemma for the past few days cos I don't know what phone should I get. I fell in love with Incredible Hulk S but it's way too expensive for me. Still in midst of dilemma now. Any help? I'm way out of budget right now. So I do not know what phone is suitable for me =(

Anyway, this Sat I'm going to survey around Saberkas. Hopefully to come with a basket full of fruits. Will blog again when my CPU comes home.


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