Magnum Movie Night 2011

This is a super outdated post. I can't even remember when was the exact date I went for this movie date. It's a movie night fully sponsored by Magnum. They have been doing this event at West Malaysia and it's their first time at East Malaysia. Super hype that they chose Kuching =D Else I wouldn't be able to watch FREE movie. Hehe =P~

The movie that they sponsored to us was Cowboys & Aliens. I love cowboys movies but I hate aliens movies. That's why I never watch Alien vs Predator. What's the thing with aliens anyway. They're gross and yucky and they don't even exist =.=

Movie starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. Nope I want to watch this movie not because of them. I don't think Daniel Craig is handsome and Harrison Ford is way too old for me. I want to watch this movie for the storyline itself =)

I don't know why but I love cowboys. I love their attires, their hats, their boots, their guns, their horses and how they can fight while riding on horses! That's my definition of manly man. Not the clean cut office man who is afraid to go hiking or explore every other parts of the world with me. OUT you go! =D

Some may say that the movie is just so-so only or that cowboys does not come in line with aliens but I think it's a great movie. I like how the director creates the 'home' of the aliens. It's cool eh! But I dislike the ending =( Why they can't be together worhhhhhhhhh *cries*

Ok back to reality. So I was told to collect the tickets at MBO from 7.30pm onwards and first 25 to collect will get Lucky Huat Zai Angpow! Can huat ah? Go early lah!!!

And when I thought I was early =.= I failed because that night Kuchingite turned out to be more punctual than ever. But then again you can never deny one thing: When there's FREE stuff, Kuchingite is as kiasu as everyone else so they will adjust their watch and be there before the said time. WooTz!

Met up with Kendrick. The funny cheerful wacky guy who called everyone up to confirm about our attendance and tickets. Nice fella~

And yes that's the prize of the 4D Jackpot! Don't know how to play the game? It's super easy.

Just buy 2(two) 4Digits numbers at a time, or you can even buy 3 or more at a time, and if the number comes out at 1st and 2nd place, then VOILA there goes your money from the Cai Shen Ye(God of Wealth)! 

Yes I'm a gambler =P Not addicted but I do play around once in awhile, that's why I know how to play. Hehehehe

Freebies~~ Who doesn't love freebies please raise your hands and get lost =D Ladies have special offer. They gave us the Ladies Coupon to claim free gifts! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~ Not plainly claim lah, gotta buy some numbers mah. You think everything is free mehhh!!!

Last but not least, FREE popcorns and drinks! What's a movie without these essentials right?

I want to thank Magnum for giving me the opportunity to attend this Movie Night. Hopefully they will organize more events here at Kuching =)


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