Mini Cross Stitch

Ahhhhhh tomorrow is Friday for everyone and it's FLYDAY for me!!! =D Gonna be offline for about a week. Off to elsewhere =P~ 

Here I am, looking pathetically at my blog archive which is only 4 posts for September and so I got desperate to blog something. Anything. As long there's something. Just to add one more post =.= So I dug up SUPER OLD photos to blog. Something I left out for quite some time already because I was just way too lazy to transfer it from my old Nokia which is now dead. Only until it is dead that I am willing to take out the memory card. 

Ok let me start telling story. 

In case you haven't know, I love doing cross stitch. I have done 3 cross stitches. Big version. The round rattan type. That's the beginner type. I was so hardworking to do those stitches back when I was in Form1. But haven't do it for er.....10years? I love to stitch and sew with hands. I don't like sewing machine. I don't know how to use it. I hate how I need to paddle with my feet and at the same time turn the wheel. It's like driving a car, except that it doesn't bring you to other place. So no, I don't know how to sew using a sewing machine. I only sew with my hands =D

Last year, yes last year, I know it's a year ago, but at least now I remember it's actually last year. I took out this small cross stitch pack that I got for free from somewhere. I can't remember well but I think it's from the catalogue thing that I used to order. A business girl in school. Haha! Earning every cents from that order =P~

Ok continue, last year I took out this cross stitch pack and brought it to office to stitch it up. I was way too free at office that I can do cross stitch. Want to take over my job? 

This is the cross stitch that I stitched. It's tiny. It's seriously hard for me to do it cos the strings are so thin and the net's hole is so tiny that it can only fit a needle. I couldn't remember how long I took to finish this cross stitch. But it was fun! I'm so happy when I finally finished it. Hey! It's beautiful ok!

See how small is the cross stitch and how small are those stitches. My colleagues were saying that if they were the ones to do it, they will be juling already. Hahahahaha~

Oh did I mention it's actually a keychain? Yep I sew both of the stitches back to back and put the chain through the bigger hole on top. I gave the keychain to momma and said the girl is me and the boy is my brother. Hehe =)

Looking at these photos now make me feel like doing more cross stitches. Maybe I should buy one just to ease my itch. Will see how it goes when I do drop by those shops.

Tell me it's nice =P~


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