i-City Shah Alam

i-City, a city of lights and magic I called it. Located at border of Shah Alam and Klang. A wonderful place for everyone be it couples or children or parents. A place I wish to dream of every night. A place I don't wanna leave.....

The view from carpark. This is just part of the place. And it's just the beginning of wonderland...

There's a free theatre for everyone to enjoy free movies screen at all time. No chairs provided so you can laze around on the floor =) Nice concept! Love the architecture too!

The golden tree in front of the theatre. Money tree? Hehehe =D

Lanterns made the whole street feels like Chinese New Year. Not that I'm a fan of CNY but hey lanterns are beautiful stuff!

And then there's the Christmas feel too. With dangling tubes all around the trees and magical unicorn around it. Isn't that Christmas? =) Now I love Christmas! Best holiday ever!

Oh and there's mini Christmas trees lighted up with Christmas's colors! They're shorter than me so nah I'm not gonna make myself stand in this picture and end up looking like a giant =.=

This is the main part. The centre of attraction. The tall beautifully lit trees! Name me a color and you'll find it there. Beautiful isn't it?

Wanted to take all the colors one by one but end up getting attracted to other pretty stuff.

Money? Hehehehe =P~

They even provided a ride high up so you can view it from top. It's not that high though. Reach up to half the tree I think. But I prefer to walk around and look up like I'm looking up into paradise =)

A beautiful shot by Soul. Yeap he brought us there. Aiya there's a stranger in this photo =.= Can anyone teach me how to remove that guy from this photo?

And there goes my macro addiction......

Can I wish upon these beautiful leaves and set them free like doves into the sky? 

They're just sooooooo beautiful that words cannot express my feelings that night......

Oh and they even have merry-go-round! I miss this. Hehehe =) This is another shot by Soul. He's also a camera addict so yeah my camera was being raped by him. Hahaha!

And then this is another part of the place. This part is where all the locals will take out those blingy lights and tubes and toys to attract kids who then will bug their parents to buy it for them. I wanted to buy too. For Clarice of course. Hehe =) But end up going back empty handed. A lil regret. Hmm.....next time then.

Mate and Soul with the peacock. Eh terbalik =.= This photo is so dark but I refuse to lighten it cos wanna keep those beautiful orangey and greenish lights.

Not only they have peacocks, they have swans too! Angelic swans!

Lastly, my favourite photo of the night.

Til we meet again i-City. I'll be back for more photography shots.

A wonderland that I will forever remember.....


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