Sarawak Pepper

A week ago, I flew KL another time for Westlife concert. Gahhhhh I know I'm flying like mad girl here. But hey it's fun! Maybe I should do it more often =P~

So this time it was only a 3 days 2 nights trip. Short weekend getaway. Anyway, previous trip I didn't get anything for Soul cos I forgot =.= What a Mate. So I text him few days earlier to ask if he wanted anything from Kuching. He said some pepper would be good. 

And being a SUPER SAKAI girl of Kuching. I dare to admit, I never bought pepper before. Sad kan? I don't know where to buy and don't know the price and I didn't even know there's actually black pepper and white pepper. And then they come in powder and seed. I went blank when my colleagues asked me what type of pepper I want. *gasp!*

Immediately I text Soul again to get him to ask his mom about it. And white pepper was it! One problem solved. Another problem, where do I get to buy pepper? I was thinking India Street must have but that area is super pack and I hated it much. Thank goodness bf told me about a shop at Petanak area called Chai Fo Pien. Convenient for me cos it's just behind my office. But bad cos they didn't open until evening. So I had to get up early to buy =.=

Reluctantly on Thursday morning I woke up half an hour earlier, rushed myself to shower and breakfast then head down to Petanak shop. The dumbest thing happened there. 

Girl: Mau cari apa
Me: *blank!*
Girl: Apa?
Me: Er.......*brain think brain!!!* Lada!
Girl: Lada? Lada apa?
Me: *shit!* Lada powder!
Girl: Ha? (went to ask another girl)
Girl 2: Lada? Lada tepung ka?
Me: Yayayaya!!!! *nodding head like dumbass!*

I feel SUPER STUPID at that moment =.=''' So in the end I bought 2 packets of white pepper powder. My first experience of buying pepper went down the drain. 

There you go. RM9 each packet. Man I feel so ashamed of being a Sarawakian and yet never bought pepper in my whole 23 years of life!


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