Awareness Before Change

Few days back I had a meaningful conversation with someone dear. It's been awhile since I had such nice talk. I asked "What is awareness before change?". And I was given a satisfying reply. Something that I had never thought of. 

Awareness before change = ABC. Realize that? No huh. I didn't too. No it's not as easy as it seems. It's not just 3 alphabets. Not just 3 words. Try to play around with your mind and think deeper. You've got to be a thinker to know it. I'm not a thinker. I'm a doer. That's why I didn't think and just ask =)

Awareness before change is when you are aware of the changes. You know that something is gonna change. But are you aware of the changes? The consequences? The before and after? You know you did something. But are you aware that, that something is gonna bring changes? What type of changes? You should know it well. The changes could be major and minor. Or it could be just how you judge it. It's whether or not you are actually aware of the changes that could bring another change. 

Not everyone is aware of changes. Someone like me will just do whatever that comes into my mind right now without actually thinking further or even aware of the changes. Although at times I do think. But it's gonna be rare occassion. Maybe like my current indecisiveness which is to move or not to move. Now that, got me thinking alot. A hell lot! Been having sleepless nights and pointless arguments and now even lead to breaking up. I'm fine.

I used to think alot. But after all those thoughts, I end up empty handed and wasted all my time. So now I became the more Arian me. The doer without thinking much and then regretting later. Or should I say MIGHT regret =) I'm happy with certain stuff that happened without thinking cos I just did. Stuff like......Biboo's nights......

Whereas for some people, they do not realize. They are not aware of the changes. It's only until things start to change that they realize it's too late to do anymore repair. All they could do is to suck up and follow whoever that leads. That way they wouldn't be lost. But what they did not know is that they're actually losing their own tracks cos all that they did were just following behind people.

Though....This didn't really get me thinking much. I have always been aware of what kind of changes will follow from my actions. But at times I just refuse to accept the fact. Also, I'm a risk taker. Even if I know that the changes could be either good or bad. I take the risk and put my bet. I gamble with my own life. Someone told me to take calculated risk. I might need to give that a thought now since many times I end up hurting people and myself (too) cos I never calculate my risk. I just bet on my instinct.

Just for your thought: Are you aware of the changes around you and the changes that you could make to give yourself a better life and at the same time being aware of the changes that could bring from that change that you wanted to make? 

Good night peeps~ Had a great night thanks to friends who still cares and loves me much!


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