Kim Teck Birthday @ Happy Valley

Early last month a few of us celebrated Kim Teck aka Kapkiew's birthday at Happy Valley. Time and venue set. No problem at inviting people except that problems only occur that night itself. Some didn't appear and then disaster happened at Happy Valley.

To cut the story short, NEVER GO TO HAPPY VALLEY ANYMORE!!! Their service sucks max!

Ok cut crap. Don't wana spoil this post with my anger. 

Kim Teck FINALLY is 23. Ho ho ho! A young baby in our group. A few more coming. We're celebrating birthdays like mad this year. One after another and it seems like every month there's once =.= We're so gonna be broke broke broken!

The birthday boy with the hamsap face wishing for erm......more money? Graduation perhaps? Hehehe =P

We got him a cake with frog face since he declared himself as Kapkiew (Frog in Hokkien) in Facebook. He does leap like one though. =P

The aftermath of wishing for too long! We think somehow he knows that we're gonna smash his face onto the cakes cos we actually prepared 2 cakes. One to eat and one cheap ones to play with. Hehehe =) That's what we do on almost every birthday didn't we? It's fun smashing people's face but not fun when it's your turn =D Luckily I manage to avoid mine. Wahahahaha! No revenge guys! No no no!

Teck was very nice to chia us 'sushi' with chocolate colored wasabi. Haha!

Nevertheless, it was still a fun night despite the disasters. Happy birthday brother! 


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