My Daily Dose of Smile

Sometimes all you need is a simple "Hi" from someone special to make your day. Or some tend to smile from their morning cuppa coffee. While mine comes in a different form. My daily dose of smiles doesn't come from the daily cartoons I read from Star Newspaper. No it doesn't come from High5 show on tv either. Neither does it come from the rare smooth traffic. 

Previously my daily dose will come from me reading back sweet sms'es that I kept in my phone forever reluctant to delete them. It's gonna take me ages to delete those sms. And sometimes on certain days I'll look back at those photos I have in my phone to keep my head light and my day bright.

It's not easy for everyone to go through their everyday life with a smile on their face. No one can do that. Everyone face problems each day. And sometimes by the end of the day, you'll realize that today is just so wasted at those stress but you were dead tired to hangout with friends so you decided to just hit the sack instead. There, a day without smile. What's life?

Happiness comes in many forms. If it's my mom, I would say her smile will be coming from me doing the cooking and washing and my bro actually takes the effort to tidy his room. Maybe that will make my mom's day. For others, probably a special treatment for themselves, like going for massage or spa or facial. While for the men, maybe some special dish from their wives on certain days. It all depends on how you find your happiness, your smile of the day.

Recently I found something that made me smile every single day. Or should I say, someone =)

I've never met her before. I can only see from photos. But I fell in love with this little girl at first sight! She's all you can describe from a cheerful little girl to an active naughty ones. How do I know? Take a look at these photos and you'll know. Heee~

I call her Little Yan. She's a friend's niece. Adorable isn't she? Ever since I found her photos on my friend's Facebook album, I've been going back each day just to look at her and then smile throughout the night =)

As told, she's very naughty! But it's her naughtiness that makes her so adorable! I think I'm gonna have some of these photos copied into my Wildfire S soon. Just so that when I get stressed up at work, I can just flick my Gallery and smile away like no one cares.

Thank you for the smiles, Little Yan~ Aunty loves you! Wish to meet you one day =)


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