Christmas Presents

Time to reveal my Christmas presents this year!

Nothing much though. No major gift exchange or so. Just from the usual ones =) But of course, there's a little extra spices this time.

10 days before Christmas I received my pre-Christmas present from Kent! Awesome chocolates! My favourites! Tiramisu, dark chocolate and of course, Jack Daniels Yummeh!!! Tiramisu is gone inside my tummy already. Hee~ For someone who loves chocolate much, never hesitate to give me one. I'll never complain even if it's just one. =D

From mom and bro. Mom gave me a handbag and angpow while bro gave me a penguin! He told me that he actually went to my blog and search down my wishlist. Haha! The power of blogs!

In exchange, I bought mom, a bottle of perfume and I gave bro, a tool for his guitar.

Last but not least.............................................

Say HELLO to Milo! 

Welcome to my life Milo and Kopi-O! Hahahahaha! Kent gave me 2 puppies. One bigger size white color which we named him, Milo and the other smaller size black color which we decided, since it's so black, then name it Kopi-O. Hahaha!

Now I have a brown puppy name Cookie, a brown bear name Coffee, a white puppy name Milo and a little black one name Kopi-O! What's next? Hahaha!

I have yet to get myself anything this Christmas. And I haven't even get Kent his present =.= Gotta shop soon before New Year comes! I have several choices for myself. Help me choose can?

#1 Cecelia Ahern's latest novel 
#2 Any of Sidney Sheldon's novel
#3 Sit-up bench
#4 A new pair of boots 
#5 Handbag

Eh wait! Speaking of novels, I just REMEMBERED!!!! I do have a gift for myself already! And it's still with my boss Cyril! Hahaha! Ok so maybe I can save up my money for other stuff. Hee~



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