Christmas Soon

Lately too many incident happened. Way too sudden. Way too fast. I'm still caught up with those matters. Not quite in the mood to blog actually. But looking at my archieve, it looks just so pathetic. Sigh...I'll blog about those heartbreak matters one at a time soon. Just not now. I need to boost up my Christmas mood.

How's everyone's preparation for Christmas? Though my Christmas tree is up but I haven't buy any gift! Ok apart from gifts for my stepdaughters. I've been so focused on their gifts that I left every single person out, even my mom =.=

This weekend I'm gonna go shop for gifts for everyone. It's gonna be a lil different this year. A little more a little less here and there. Christmas has always been my favourite season of the year. It's a season to be jolly. But this Christmas, it's gonna be quiet =(

Aihh.....How to boost up my Christmas mood people? I think I need a lil psychological help here. I need to know how to let go. I need to focus on what's important. Hmm.....



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