Fusion Grill Restaurant

Oh Christmas Oh Christmas ooooohhhhhhhhhh Christmasssssss~~~

We all know about parties and gatherings during Christmas Eve night but what about Christmas day itself? How did you celebrate the birth of Christ? =)

As for myself, since I wasn't at home for Christmas Eve, I decided to bring mom out for dinner on Christmas night. Well, I was assigned to choose the venue and my bro was the one paying. Wahahaha! Nowadays my bro seems to be richer than me. Hmm....how can that be when I'm earning an income and he's still in school???

Oh nevertheless, mom always said never complain when you get free food. Just say Thank You. Hehe =) So yes, thanks bro for the awesome dinner!

Fusion Grill Restaurant. Located at Brighton Square. Just right behind FTMS College. A small restaurant but I love the environment to the max!

Just look how Christmassy the place was decorated. Red couch and cushions paired with white and green table cloth. A little candle just for that little extra touch. Simple is the new beautiful =)

My drink for the night. I forgot the name =.= It's Temple something. =X It's actually Ribena Sprite. Haha! But ah not bad. Least it's one of my favourite drink =)

My bro had..........er...........chocolate something =.= Ok ok so it's been a week and I forgotten all the names. Sigh.....Blame my procrastination! Oh I forgot to take picture of mom's cappuccino!

Ok skip that. Food time!

Mom's yummeh porky chop with mushroom sauce! Oink oink! I rate this 7/10. Only had a bite. Not bad.

Bro's forever faithful chicken chop with mushroom sauce. I didn't try this one and I didn't bother to ask if it's nice or not. But if you wanna know,you're always welcome to leave a comment then I can ask him =)

Last but not least, my delicious lamb chop with black pepper sauce! Slurps slurps slurps~~ I rate this 8/10. Why? Cos actually I don't really prefer 7point lamb chop. If it's beef steak then yes. Well this is my personal opinion though. But no harm to give it a try. It's quite good actually =) Don't mind my taste. Hehe~

I'm thinking of going back there some day. Kinda love the place and food. Hmm.....Need to find a date to go with. Anyone? Haha!

Til then~


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