The Junk

I wanna say FINALLY I stepped into The Junk for the first time last Saturday night! Man I feel so outdated =.= Seriously no one trust that I've never been to The Junk before. So here I am declaring my first visit to The Junk.

I was out with Kent and initially he wanted to bring me to Hui Sing for dinner. Then when we passed by John's Place, I mentioned to him that a friend introduced me that place but I've never been there too. And he said let's give it a try. But then in the end when it's dinner time, we passed by The Junk, I pointed it out and he immediately fell for the atmosphere and that's how we ended up there. Haha! How impulsive!

We sat upstairs cos it's full at ground floor. This place is so packed! But boy am glad there's a table left for us.

I'm starting to love their decors. Even this 'penumbuk' tool also can be used to place a candle. Haha!

Which human would drink a cappuccino at night! =.=

Salmon steak! Yummilicious! It's tender juicy awesomely delicious!

Voila! Me love lamb shank! But it's a portion too huge for me so we ate half of each. Hehe =P~

Great food they've got there! I might be going back. But not so soon. There's still lots of place to venture for food as more and more people are opening cafes and restaurants in Kuching. How can you reject good food when you're staying in a Food Paradise?

After dinner we still have about an hour to two to spend just to wait for time to pick my bro. Went driving around town and ended up here. He stopped for a ciggy break while I enjoy the songs in car. A very soothing night. No tension no stress no boredom. Just fun!


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