La Senza @ tHe Spring

Tell me that you have never heard of La Senza. Tell me that you do not know what La Senza sells. And tell me that you are totally clueless with the brand, La Senza.

Fear NOT! I shall bring you tour around the latest outlet in The Spring Mall Kuching. La Senza Pin Up Store, a fashion retailer from Canada since 1990 has FINALLY reached Kuching! La Senza is famous for its varieties of lingeries. Be it daywear, nightwear, loungewear and even accessories! You name it sexy, they have it!

A store to satisfy ladies' needs and wants. Also a perfect store for the men to shop for gifts. Oh speaking of gifts, Christmas is soon isn't it? So gents, do remember to bring your credit card when you hit down The Spring this weekend. Hehe =P~

The store is located just next to L'occitane and is opposite Hush Puppies. A brightly lit with shining pink and black polka dots store. How can it be missed?

Boy do you feel sexy even when you take the escalator? It's filled with the sexiness of La Senza Pin Up Store no? =)

Goodie bags! The awesomeness of being a media =D

Macaroons anybody? Or candy and marshmallows? Yummeh sweetness!

Sexy cupcakes! Much love for this!

The Christmas theme for La Senza Pin Up Store this year round is Santa Baby. I guess we're gonna see lots of sexy Santarinas around eh? Teehee~

Ah there! Our lovely Stephanie Chai as emcee of the day. Man she's even sexier and much more beautiful than the models! Oops! But can anyone deny that? =P

Commercial break! I was photobombed by PK! His attire this morning really matched the store. Haha! Pink boi!

Opening ceremony! Cut cut cut ribbons!

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! La Senza Pin Up Store is OFFICIALLY OPENED!!! *thumbs up!*

A sneak peek of the models =)

It's TIME to SHOP!!! 

But what's shopping without sales right?

There! Buy 1 Get 1 at 50% OFF!!! Cmon! What are you waiting for ladies?

Ooohhh WAIT! Waiting for free gifts probably? YES you had it there! A limited edition tote bag! ONLY FOR 2 DAYS! Wait no more! Go to Spring NOW!!!

La Senza Lingerie~

Let's see what I got from my goodie bag. A pouch. A pen. A badge. And.............A CARD PENDRIVE! Awesome! Now I know there's something called a card pendrive. Or is that how you actually called it? Haha!

La Senza! A store I will visit more often now =) Need more reason to visit La Senza? I'll give you one. IT'S CHRISTMAS! Need more? NEW YEAR IS COMING SOON! Haha!

Til then~ See you ladies at La Senza~


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