My Favourite Sport

I guess I've never mention before. Badminton is my favourite sport. Why? I have reasons why. It's not only for the fun of it =)

First, it's something that I picked up since I was a kid. Used to play alot with my cousins and friends. I remember every weekend when I went over to my aunty's house, I'll play with my cousins at their carporch. Aunty's got a huge house there. We had the cloth hanger rack as our 'net'. Haha! Then when we accidentally hit higher and the shuttle cock went up the roof, we had to use the bamboo stick to get it down. I really miss those days with my cousins when there were no worries and all we know was to play. Ah kids!

Second, I tend to choose to think that I have this interest in badminton because of my dad. Yes my dad was a badminton player. He plays few nights in a week. He used to bring me around the badminton court which was situated next to Saberkas. Then I'll just sit there and watch him play with his friends. Too bad he wasn't there to teach me how to play the right way. I guess it's because of him that I naturally love badminton out of thousands of other sports =) One day I would love to be able to play a game with him. If only...

So, after quitting dance class for 11 months now, and quitted swimming for a month, I told myself that I MUST exercise! I wanted to join my teacher's gym class but no one wanna go with me =( I don't wanna go back to dance class cos I know I won't stay here for long. It's gonna be a waste to join for 3 months and then left.

Miracles happened. And I'm really glad it did. Fate is all we had. I found an avid badminton player in just few days time and VOILA! We went to Stapok badminton court last night for the first game. Oh man I've been so rusty that I kept picking up the shuttle cock! Now that I'm sitting here blogging about this, trust me, my right arm is aching like hell and I can't type fast. It's gonna be aching for the next few days but I'm thinking of playing again tomorrow noon. Hehe =P~

I vow to play weekly now. I must exercise else I'll definitely grow fats! I need to keep myself healthy and fit. You know, a woman after the age of 25 tend to grow horizontally alot faster than you can think. I'm getting near to 24 now. I better do something about my weight and size before it's too late =D

Keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully I can make it for the next few months. 


ahlost said…
want exercise har? easy ler.. let's go mbks for jogging after work :P

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