Palm Beach Seafood

During the night when I was so down with incident that happened around me. During the night when I just don't feel like staying at home. During the night when I roam aimlessly on Facebook and Twitter. During the night when I do not want to do anything because my heart breaks so much that it hurts deep down within and no one knows. During the night when I refused to accept the truth......

Is the night when someone special came to me. 

Brought me out. Refusing to tell me where we're going. Keeping the journey silent. Having my favourite station playing songs in the background. Just letting me sob in the car while we're on the road. 

We ended up going on a long journey just for dinner =) 

Mani vegetable fried with eggs. Not a dish that favors me but it doesn't matter. I wasn't in my best appetite.

Deer meat cooked with black pepper sauce started to tickle my tummy a little.

Lastly, he knows me deep down inside. I was in the mood for tomyam soup.

Tell me where to find such great friend. Who knows you inside out when in reality we only met during second half of 2011. Tell me where to find such understanding partner. Who knows when to appear and when to let me stay alone when it's needed. But even if he were to let me stay alone, it only means silence with his company.

Ok cut that story. I'm not gonna post everything here. I'm not ready to speak everything out for everyone to read. I'll just let things tingle here and there. Wait til I'm ready then you all will eventually know =)

Til then~


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