SSPCA Christmas Bazaar

Yesterday SSPCA held a Christmas Charity Bazaar at Stampin. I went there for one reason. Dogs. Haha! My love for dogs are indescribable. I've been wanting to own one but cos mom says 'NO' so I can't do anything =( Promised myself that next time when I have my own house, I'll get one from SSPCA. I won't buy. I'll adopt =) Every dogs need a family. 

But then when I was there, I was kinda disappointed. Why? Cos they only have 4 pups there. Why can't they have more? There's lots of cats but nah, cats me no like.

This one's cute! A poser too! Nyehehehehe~

Bands performing on stage. I didn't really bother to hear =P~ Was paying attention to what's happening around me while I look for more dogs to wink at.

Food and drinks for sale.

More food and drinks. Fruits too! Calendars, diaries, posters. Anything!

What did I buy? Oh wait. No not me buy. Someone bought it. Hahaha! Yes I've got 2 containers of FREE ICE-CREAM!!! Can savour me for days~ Me love scoops! But too bad their chocolate flavour ran out. So I took cappuccino and rum raisin. Yum~

Ok I'm taking my vow here. I'm so gonna adopt a dog one day!


ahlost said…
good idea wor.. to adopt is so much better than to buy..

show us your dog when you got one !! :D

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