Yin Birthday @ Tropical Fish

Time passed so fast this month. It's already the 27th today. 3 days to go before 2011 ends. And I still have tons of pending posts!!! Blame my procrastination. Blame my laziness. Blame my packed schedule. Just don't blame me. Hehe =) Ok ok I'd promised myself to blog every single thing before this year ends. Gotta give my blog a good ending aye?

Hmm....early this month I planned for a birthday party for Sui Yin. Sagi baby of our ST3P Family but is already a mother of 3 beautiful girls! Man I do envy her! =P~  

We celebrated her birthday 3 days earlier because she had to leave for KL for meeting during her birthday. As always I had to come out with the place for parties. This time we tried a new place called Tropical Fish located at 3rd mile. Just opposite the F&N factory coming down from Penrissen road. 

The usual suspects. That night sadly most of ST3P Family wasn't able to attend due to personal matter but I'm glad the crowd was pleasing. At least the Gaming Kakiz managed to attend =)

The boys playing their old time game while waiting for food.

Me and my beautiful stepdaughters! Jovell, Daphne and Clarice! Lovely aren't they? =)

We had a special offer that night. Many thanks to Kent for this special treat. We were offered set meal which consists of mixed grill, spaghetti, salad, mushroom soup, garlic bread and free flow of soft drinks at only RM25!!! I think it's really worth it! Plus the food is good. Really. Maybe I will go back and try the spaghetti =)

Om nom noming away~ We waited quite long for our food cos many came late and we kept adding orders. Haha! I think the waitress was confused by us =P

So while everyone was noming away.............

Daddy took his responsibility and prepare fish & chips for his girls =) I wanted to help out but he refused and said he can do it himself. So what's left for me to do? Snap photo of him of course!

What's a birthday party without a birthday cake =) Surprise surprise she was! The boys had to go down and spent some time smoking before coming up with the surprise. Hehehe =D

Lovely couple~ Sweet as always~ Hawt mama and handsome papa! WootZ!

Mama and her girls~

Family portrait is a MUST! I remember how this photo was taken. I was trying so hard to call for Clarice to look at my direction but she just refused to! Then everyone was blaming Gab for not taking her attention cos he was just standing behind me. Haha! We had a hard time trying to distract her. Hmm.....I wonder what was she so focused at.

Boys will be boys~ This time Martin was the one got bullied =P

Back in action!

Group photo before everyone head home. Ah what a night!



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