Chap Goh Mei

Here comes the last day of Chinese New Year. Oh how time flies! So how was your Chap Goh Mei dinner? Mine was celebrated a day earlier. The usual Hakkas will always celebrate any occasion a day earlier than other people. This time, I followed bf to his grandpa's house for the huge family gather =)

Huge family means lotsa good food!!! All of these were cooked by his uncle's wife. There's even wild boar meat! My first time eating it. How did it taste like? Er.....I still prefer normal pigs. Hehe =D

Fried pork and chicken by 6th shu mu (Uncle's wife). Wait, how do you address uncle's wife? Just aunty right? Haha! Ah whatever!

Curry by erm....4th shu mu I think. I only remember seeing everyone carry a huge pot into the house =D

Fish by I-don't-know-who again =.= Fine so I didn't help out with the cooking cos there's already 7 aunties in the kitchen and I won't do any help also. =D

Hmm....I've a question. What do you call this vege in English? I only know it's call 'Suan' in Mandarin which means calculate. This is sort of a main dish for the Hakkas during Chinese New Year.

Last but not least! Tang yuan!!! My favourite! =D

What's after dinner? The ladies wash dishes and talk around. The men play mahjong. And kids?

Time for fire crackers!!!! Happily lighting the fire crackers with the help of older brothers.

The big boys are not left aside. They too enjoyed playing fire crackers!

Father and son.

Haha! He was so kiasu that he wanted 2 fire crackers!

And then they went wiring the floor =.=

Kids and their fire crackers =) Surely put smiles onto your face. And I was there busy taking photos while think back what I was like back then, also playing with fire crackers. Hee~

And when the big boys got bored, they went shooting the sky with beautiful lights! I was only with my phone that night so yeah, I had a hard time trying to capture the perfect firework cos as you know, phone's camera cannot adjust shutter speed =.=

After a few snaps, I manage to control the timing of both the firework and the shutter.

And I got THE PERFECT firework shot! =D Smiles!

Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone! 


Laura said…
Hi perpetua, came across your blog through fb. suan is called leek in english, by the way. you're really hardworking in updating your blog. i've definitely slowed down in blogging...hehe hope you're well =)
Sherrie Pui said…
'Son' is how we hakka pronounce it.

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