Chinese New Year Day 1

Hello February! It's already 15th of February and here I am posting my very first post for this month. Haha! Super lazy and busy! So how was your Valentine's last night? Mine was sweet =) Will make a blog post for that after I edit those photos. Hee~

*ahem* Have you counted and banked in your angpow money? I just passed mine to mom to ask her help me bank it in. As the age increases, angpow always shrink kan? And then you will always get the "When is your turn to give me" question. Ah relatives~

I'll just let the photos speak for itself. I didn't take much photos this year. Wasn't in quite a good mood though. Oh personal matter~ Anyway, stolen a few from cousins. Happy browsing~

Family portrait. We got the Best Dressed Family award. Haha! Konon award lah~

Few months back, we 32 cousins decided to give all our parents a surprise on first day of CNY. We all promised to wear red! And we succeeded!!! =D Not all cousins are here because 2 went travelling, 3 were left at overseas studying while a few went back earlier. Nevertheless, we made it! Ka-chengs RAWK!

Another shot with a few aunties who were kiasu because they too wore red. Hahahaha!!!

Angpow giving time! That's my Tua Ee (Mom's eldest sis).

With 2 of my aunties from KL and another aunty who took care of me since I was a kid.

Spotted: Momsy jealous cos not in photo. Hahahaha! =P

With my Tua Kim (Mom's eldest sis-in-law). Rarely see her around cos she stays at Sabah. A very active aunty who talks so much to me about dancing =D

With my beloved sisters! Sisters for life!!!

With Wei and Jia. Cousins from KL. Sweet girls aren't they? =) The assets of being young. Haha!

Another shot with Wei. See our hair color differences =P~

With Sam Koko. Ah it's been so long since I last met him! Also cos he's at KL.

With Ricky. Active young chap! Single and available! Ladies, you know what to do =P~

Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Spotlight of the year! Baby Caylee!!! She's Sam Koko's daughter. Only 3 months old. SUPER DUPER HYPER ADORABLE!!!!!

Just look at her cute face! Ah she's being loved by so many aunties and uncles! And she absolutely loves to talk. Haha! How I wish she's here at Kuching so that I can play with her everyday! Babies grow too fast. In few months time she's gonna be a pretty girl =)

Coincidently this year's first day of CNY happened to be my aunty's birthday.

So her sons decided to give her a performance. Awwww.........

First day of CNY is always packed with visiting aunties and uncles. It's only til after lunch that I get to sneak out a few hours before dinner to go visiting with Kent. Haha! Day 2 photos coming soon! Stay tune!


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