Chinese New Year Day 2

2nd post of February. Oh tedah! Let the food speak itself for my CNY Day 2. This year my open house was on Day 2 morning. Mom had me ordered some sushi from Sushi King. So that morning, I went to Hills to collect sushi! Sushi is the main dish at our open house every CNY. Previous years we had the time to make our own but this year, oh everyone got lazy =P

At about 11pm plus, you start seeing relatives coming into my house. It's food time! I invited few friends along too but they had to be postponed til around 1pm cos my relatives are way too many that my house was so packed! We don't even have enough chairs for everyone and had to borrow chairs from my aunty. Haha! And some even sat on floor =.= 

This year mom surprised us by buying a set of Yee Sang. It's very small compared to what I had at BCCK. Hehehe =P Sadly I didn't even get to eat it and it's gone! =( Man I miss BCCK's Yee Sang.

And then time for food! Smart aunties just sat around the dining table for easier access to food! Haha!

This photo was taken earlier before everyone arrived. 

After lunch, kids head over to my cousin's house to watch lion dance while the aunties stayed back for their game session. While as for me, it's time for house hoping! First was Mike's house. Then it's Aure's house.

There, my one and only photo taken on Day 2. If you notice, I will never ever miss going to Aure's house every CNY Day 2. Why? All thanks to her dad's awesome salty duck soup! Yum!!! She called me earlier on to ask why I wasn't there yet cos the soup was about to finish! Hahaha! 

After Aure's house, I spent the rest of the day at Kent's grandpa's place. Finally meet all of his aunties and uncles. Huge family! Boy I had a hard time remembering who is who. But then it was superb! Warm loving happy family who welcomed me with smiles =) 


Well that's all for Day 2. Stay tune for Day 3 =) 


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