Wrapping February

Hello hello! This is gonna be my last post for the month of February. Wrapping it up nicely and gonna put it aside to welcome a new month, March. Let's march forward together, head held strong, shoulders straight and powerful heels.

But right before I march into March, I'm gonna start it with a vacation for myself. My long awaited vacation since last year. Well some sort of amendments happened somewhere in the middle while I was anticipating for this day to arrive. Nevertheless, I'm still on for this vacation!

It's gonna be the first flight tomorrow to Penang. Taking the first flight out for a fresh new day seems nice eh =) I've been to Penang once back in 2003. That time I was there with my family and 3 cousins. My pap drove us up from KL. It was a memorable trip. We had the best time throughout the journey despite the long drive. We sang and sang and keep on singing in the car. How I wish we can do that again cousins =)

This trip is gonna be different. I'm gonna explore every single corner of Penang with Kent. We're doing it the tourist style. Gonna just walk around by foot and I'm gonna try out the tricycle. Hehe =D Excited! I can't help but to keep counting the time left for us to fly. It's our first vacation together. It must be fun!

Although for the past few days I wasn't quite in the mood for any fun activities but I tried to cheer myself up. I have no idea why was I so down. Lack of sleep probably. Or maybe just bored at work. Oh the usual days~ Up until this evening I was still not quite excited for this upcoming vacation. But now that I'm writing this, I can sense my excitement heating up. Just hope Kent will be home soon so that we can pack our stuff together. Maybe I should put it as me asking him to pack his stuff. Haha! That lazy boy has yet to pack his bag! =P But then again, what's a gf for right? Hee~

Watching Gossip Girl just to pass my time tonight. Season 5. Man that's fast. I remember back when I was in high school, my penpal Fahon actually talked to me about this movie and I have no idea what's it about! It was only until 3 years ago when I was jobless that I spent my days watching Gossip Girl everyday at home. Speaking of Gossip Girl, really, sometimes I wish I have a happening life like theirs. They have parties every now and then. But ah, that's the high standard lifestyle. Not mine. Better not brag. Hehe =) Glad I have mine. Though currently quite bored with my job. Probably I should change my job. Hmm.....

But then again, so many things are happening and about to happen this year. I have so many plans coming up. Well I can't speak of them but my schedule is kinda pack for every month. I'm gonna make sure that I have at least an event for each month. Like for March, I have this vacation to Penang. And April? Oh need I remind you? My birthday of course! =) Can't wait! I have yet to plan anything but I'm sure something will come up, eventually. The months after that? Just wait patiently for my blog post. =)

Think I better stop here before everyone of you falls asleep. Hee~ See you next month readers! Cheers!


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