Penang Trip Day 1

Hello hello hello March! How is this new month treating everyone? =) I've been down with sickness for the past 2 weeks! Am still coughing a little but much better already. As promised, here are my photos and stories about my Penang trip.

I went to Penang with Kent for 4 days 4 nights. Our first vacation together started off on 29th February's dawn. We woke up before the sky was bright and head down for breakfast before going over to the airport. In the flight, of course, we catch as much sleep as possible cos it's gonna be a long day. But I have a habit of not sleeping on plane cos if I do, I'll end up having my ears block which I hate it much! =P So while he's sleeping soundly, I looked around and fiddled with my phone. 

Right. Upon arrival, Penang airport was under construction so we had to walk quite a distance before coming out. And remind you, this is not LCCT, there's no salesgirl shouting for bus tickets or taxi tickets. I googled before that the suggested budget transport was to wait for the bus right in front of arrival hall. But prob was that, there was no bus there! Or should I say, we were dumb enough not to wait any longer. So we went to queue up for taxi. RM44 from Penang Airport to Tune Hotel. I'll say it's worth it cos we had Merz as our taxi! Awesome! 

Welcome to Tune Hotel! The room we spent 4 nights. Small enough to fit the two of us. The walkway in the room? Well I'm glad we both are not that fat. Hahaha! We arrived around 12pm which was 2 hours earlier than check-in time, we decided to check-in earlier with a small charges of RM15.15. Fair enough.

I must say, I'm rather satisfied with the service of Tune Hotel. Friendly staff. But there's only one thing that I find very inconvenient for this hotel, they do not have a kettle for me to boil hot water in the morning. If you want to have hot water, you gotta go down to the 7Eleven store. I have a habit of drinking hot water once I wake up. But then I'm lazy to go down, so what did I do? Drink hot tap water =D

Hungryness attacked our tummy right after we checked into our room. So we head down to the coffee shop right next to our hotel. I'm glad they serve fast food. The least I want is to have tummy discomfort so home cook is always best. The familiar food from mom's kitchen =)

Welcome to the bus station at Prangin Mall. We walked there from our hotel depending solely on my phone's Google Map. I'm so glad I have a smartphone with me. Works magic you know *winks*

Camwhore while waiting for our bus to take us to Queensbay Mall. The first thing I said to Kent when this day arrives was that, we MUST take as many photos of us as possible. We're so lack of photos together! =P So he obediently obeyed. Hahaha!

Our bus tickets. The most expensive you can get on the bus fare is RM2. I'm a noobie for bus. So I was pretty excited. *sakainess*

Here we are! Queensbay Mall. The largest shopping mall in Penang. It looks like a smaller version of Midvalley.

See what I meant? We spent about 2-3 hours here. I didn't buy anything cos I don't plan to do any shopping at Penang. Kent end up buying a SD card cos he mistook mine and thought I didn't bring any SD card along. Grrrrr.....Man! Anyway, he got himself a good pair of shorts. That boy seems very happy with his purchase =)

After hours of walking, we stop by ground floor to have our tea break. I love how they sell assorted sushi packed nicely in a container and some were even sold separately at a price of 60cents to 90cents per sushi. Nice! Do we have this in Kuching? Cos I surely don't remember seeing anything like this.

It was about 3.30pm that we decided to go back to our hotel for a short nap before heading out for dinner. Took the bus ride back to bus station again and walked our way back to hotel. I was so exhausted! Zzzz.....

When the sun starts to slowly set and the office hour traffic is gone, we head out for our dinner. It was starting to rain a little when we came out from hotel, so I suggested us to just take bus straight to Gurney Plaza and have our dinner there.

Oh before we head over to the bus stop right in front of our hotel, we stopped by this small little cafe for herbal drink. Someone was down with flu and cough.

Yet still smiling. Why that forced smile? Because the herbal drink was so bitter! Haha kesian~

That's the striking Tune Hotel. A building that no one can ever miss if you walk along Jalan Burma.

A random temple next to our hotel.

A private house owned by don't-know-who. I find this building very beautiful. Hmm....anyone know?

There you are. Bus number 103 to Gurney Plaza! 

We waited sourly for about 45 minutes for our bus! =.= The longest I've ever waited for a bus ride. I was hopping happily when I saw the bus coming our direction. Haha!

Finally here's our dinner! Though it was drizzling, we still sat under the huge umbrella for the sake of food at Anjung Gurney. It's located right next to Gurney Plaza. 

From top: Famous Penang Assam Laksa! Penang version of sotong kangkung, Hokkien mee and lok lok.

My 2nd time having Penang assam laksa, yet still can't find my liking towards it =( Ordered it just for Kent to have a taste then he pushed back the whole bowl to me =.= That's how I grew fat when I got back from my Penang trip. Cos whenever we're out eating, he always eats a quarter to half of each dish and then push the rest to me. Bad boy!

That's all for day 1 at Penang. A very activity-less day because of jet-lagged. I know we're gonna be very tired so I planned all the shopping to be made on first day. Shopping, the energy saving activity. Haha! Wait up for my day 2 posts. I'm separating my one day post into several posts cos there's way too many photos to be posted. Don't wanna flood my own blog. Hee~ Enjoy!


Kelvin Chew said…
What a great story about your interesting trip, seems like penang had change a lot, continue hard work for the next day, post more photo for the heavenly place - Penang.
Kelvin Chew said…
What a great story about your interesting trip in Penang. Seems like Penang had change a lot, awaiting for your another story about your trip...Post more photo of Penang.

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