Bat's Cave Temple

Wahahaha! 2nd post in just one night! Pia assignment also not so rajin lah. Eh wait! I don't have assignment to pia. Hehe =P Ok let's continue.

Right after we came down from Penang Hill, we walked to a nearby temple. It's called the Bat's Cave Temple. I found this place with the many thanks from Mr Google. Did my research well enough =) No one has ever mention about this place to me. But when I found it, I know I must come! It's within walking distance from Penang Hill. Though we had a hard time climbing the hilly ways up. Fuh~

When you walk down from Penang Hill entrance, you will see this arch standing strong on your left. Walk in and just go straight. There will be signs leading you to the temple. Located at quite a discreet place. Well it's a cave so what do you expect.

The Bat Cave Temple! From what I read, there's a cave filled with lots of bats and they turned this place into a temple to protect the cave. The cave is inside the temple. Let's go in and check it out~

The unique temple roof top.

It's very dark in the temple. It's a cave mah. And bats are nocturnal animals so don't expect bright beautiful photos from me. I don't wanna turn on the flash too. Cos it's gonna scare the bats away. I don't want being attack by bats =P I'm no batman.

This is the best that I can capture. Turned the ISO super high and adjust the brightness. So yes, lots of noise and it's kinda blur due to shaky hands. But do you see bats? Ssshhhhhh they're sleeping! =D

I think it's really nice of the people at Penang to preserve this cave. I love how they always manage to turn their attention to small little things. =) Tell me that you do not love Penang =D

Lunch time! We took the bus from Penang Hill back to our hotel and head over to New World Park for a simple lunch. We were already starving so fast food serves us best! A plate full of food for two that cost us RM11. Si beh full! Urp!

Later we head back to our hotel and had a short nap before going to meet Edmund for dinner =D Right. I too gotta go sleep now. It's Monday tomorrow. Hopefully I can busy myself til Thursday. I don't wanna be bored dead again. Good Friday's coming. Meaning my birthday is near too =P Tata!


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