Georgetown Penang

Day 4. So after our morning visit to Kau Keng Chu at Kek Chuan Road, we proceed to walk further, heading to the East where Georgetown is at. All the main attractions are there. We decided to travel by foot this time. Really explore Penang like a tourist. It was fun and the weather was pleasing. It wasn't too hot and neither was there rain. God bless us!

We passed by the Art Museum of Penang. Didn't go in and I suppose it was closed too.

I saw alot of this little police booth all over Penang. It's a good thing to ensure the security all over. Polices will be stationed there every night. But I don't really see them during the day though.

Random wedding planner shop.

Classic night pub called Shanghai Night. Hee~

Passed by a very antique clinic.

And then we found the Heritage Centre. Learnt lots about Penang's history. They even showed you how each century's houses look like. From Chinese to Baba Nyonya and then mixture of other race too. It's kinda interesting to be able to recognize all those houses later on. But then if you ask me now, I forgot all about it already. Haha!

We found Syed Alatas Mansion. No I have no idea what place is this and what's the history.

All I know is that, they changed it into an Islamic Museum now.

Then we proceed to search for Dr Sun Yat Sen's Base at Penang. I'll put that into another post =)

After coming out from the house, we went for lunch nearby and then went around to search for Khoo Kongsi and Kapitan Keling Mosque.

Found random building with beautiful roof decor.

Later we head over to Church Street to wait for Edmund cos we planned to visit Pinang Peranakan Mansion together. But since he just got off work, we gotta wait for him to take the bus down to jetty and walk there. So at the meantime, we walked over to Padang Esplanade and snap a few more photos.

In loving memory of the warriors.

The memorial tomb at Padang Esplanade.

This is the Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (MPPP).

And this is the Town Hall located just next to MPPP. Beautiful antique building turned into government buildings now =)

Will continue to post about Dr Sun Yat Sen's Base at Penang and Pinang Peranakan Mansion soon. Til then~


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