Goodbye Penang

The last night at Penang. Ahhhh how time flies when you're happy. After we left the temples, we took a taxi, sent Edmund back to his apartment and we went back to hotel. It was beginning to rain already and Edmund was lazy to walk out for dinner anymore. So the two of us head out for dinner back at Jalan Rangoon off Jalan Macalister. The same place we had the awesome Kopi Peng!

I miss Penang's Chee Cheong Fun so much!!! I love chee cheong fun and I have no idea why. Kent wondered why too as he phrase it "It's just a bunch of flour" =.= But who cares! It's nice what!

This is crab's meat inside the shell covered with cheese. It cost us RM10! I was kinda shocked when the girl asked for RM10. But damn this is superb! I've never tasted such delicious crab!!! *Thumbs up!*

Tom Yam Satay. Nothing special. Just normal satay with Tom Yam flavour sauce.

You know, I found out that Penang is not famous for its assam laksa, Hokkien mee or even the char kueh teow. Penang is famous for fried pork's fat!!! They have these fried fats everywhere in their fried rice, char kueh teow, Hokkien mee and every other rice and noodles dish! This is crazy! At first I still thought it's nice. But when Kent told me it's just pork's fats, I almost puke! I've been eating fats for days! Ugh!!!!!!! 

Walking back from dinner. That's the New World Park view at night. Nice right? Hehe =)

Ah this is what I bought from Penang. We didn't do much shopping. Or should I say, I didn't buy anything except for this magnet =.= I'm collecting magnets to stick to my fridge. I will buy one whenever I go travelling. Just to mark where I've been to. =D

These are the biscuits I bought from Ghee Hiang for mom. My aunty loves it alot! Mom doesn't really favor biscuits =(

Goodbye Penang! In conclusion, this was an awesome trip although it's pretty short and we were accompanied by rain every night but nevertheless, NO REGRETS! I love Penang to the max!!! I shall pay another visit few years later.


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