Penang Awesome Food!

So after the tiring nap from Penang Hill's morning climb, we managed to get ourselves freshen up and head out around 4pm. We planned to buy some biskut tambun and then walk to Edmund's place. Hehe =) 

Buildings along Jalan Burma. Random shoplots, Penang Plaza, Mini showroom and a huge billboard I found right in front of Penang Plaza. We didn't check out the plaza cos none of us are in the mood to shop. Just wanna explore. Hehe =)

This is it! Ghee Hiang. The famous biskut tambun of Penang is available here. This one's located at Jalan Burma. Right opposite 7Eleven. When you see 7Eleven, you must stop and look to your right. It's at the end of the shoplot, a super small shop. We each bought about 3 boxes of biscuits. Hee~

Satisfied with our purchase, we proceeded to walk to Edmund's place. It's not that far but then it's not so near either.

On our way there, I found a few row of houses with these mini gates. They're so cute!!! Then it made me wonder, no burglar ka? Hahaha! Though I would love to have one of these gates! =D

See that???? See that SUPER DUPER HYPER AWESOME FANTASTIC FABULOUS SPEECHLESS SEAVIEW????? That is the view from Edmund's apartment's balcony. Now say you are envy. Hahahaha! Because I am! He can wake up every morning to see the beautiful sea and watch the stars shining upon them at night. Oh how beautiful life can be~ =.=

Right. So apart from the elaborated seaview, there's actually a castle! It's called Istana Kedah cos the place belongs to Sultan Kedah. Duh~ And Wawasan Open Uni is just next to the Istana. It's sort of like a summer house for Sultan Kedah. Hmm.....

Gleanagles Hospital. Edmund's work place. It's just within walking distance from his place. Save petrol save money and then can exercise everyday. Nice kan? I hate Penang cos I can't move there! =(

Ok let's stop bragging about how nice Edmund's place is and head over for dinner. It was raining but be it rain or shine, we will walk for the sake of food! =D

Northam Beach Cafe. Located at Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah. Opposite the row of banks. A nice place for dinner cos you can sit by the shore and have the awesome seaview while enjoying dinner. But because it was raining that night, we had to reluctantly sit under shelter.

From top left: Char kueh teow, Hokkien mee, wantan mee and fried kangkong. That's just part of our dinner. I didn't capture Edmund's mixed rice. Hahaha! 3 person eating only ok.

This comes in a set cost RM18.80. Consist of salad, mushroom soup with crispy bun and MILLE CREPE!!!! So I finally tasted how mille crepe is like. It's nice. But then.........I still prefer normal cake. =P It's like layer cake. Instead, it's layers of crepe with lots of cream. It's the cream that made it a lil yucky after consuming half of it.

This was how our table looked like. Hahaha! The people there must be wondering how this 3 can eat so much. Oh wait! There's ikan panggang too! Let's do our maths........we had a total of 9 dishes!!! Meaning by average, we each had 3 dish! Walaoeh!!!!!!!!! We can really eat!!!

After dinner, we proceed to walk more for the sake of food! We insisted on walking to Anjung Gurney for more good food though we were super full. Hahaha! We passed by this beautiful mansion called Woodville built to resemble the French Chateau. It was once owned by a planter name Lim Lean Teng who made millions in Kedah.

We walked the whole stretch of Persiaran Gurney. From one end to the other. Imagine walking under the rain and brightly lit trees. Romantic kan? Hehe =P

Finally! This is the famous Pasembur that Edmund had been exaggerating about. But the sad thing is that, we were way too full to finish it. Only had a few pieces and then tapao'ed the rest back to hotel, which we wasted it. Argh! I'm gonna go back for this! Yes I will be back for the sake of Penang's awesome food!


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