Penang Kau Keng Chu

Day 4 it is! The last day for us to venture around Penang before leaving the first flight out next morning. So I managed to squeeze all the last minute places to visit into one day. It's the most tiring day. But it's all worth it! =D

Morning breakfast. Yummy Cottage at Jalan Macalister. Just normal noodle for breakfast. No photo taken cos I left my HTC at hotel and we had to go back to take it. Lucky it's just a street away. =X

Presenting to you: Kau Keng Chu. Located at Kek Chuan Road off Jalan Macalister. It's a street away from Jalan Burma. It's somewhere near Menara UMNO. I don't know how to explain where it is. Just go Google map and search around =)

The name Kau Keng Chu means 9 shophouses in a row in Hokkien. A very rich businessman bought the whole row of shophouses and painted each and every one a single color.

From right to left: Pink, Amber, Turquoise, Grey, Ash, Cobalt blue, Lemon yellow, Lilac, Sky blue.

From the other angle. Nice isn't it? I found this place when I was doing my research on places of interest in Penang. It's very creative they made the shophouses stand out so striking in a small street.

Closer shot. Beautiful!

They each have a dragon and phoenix carvings above all of their windows.

Random shot just to test my photography skill =P *show off!*

From sky blue to pink!

And from pink to sky blue! I think it looks nicer from this end. Agree? =)

Hello from Kau Keng Chu! =D

In an unrelated story, we found another beautiful house right opposite Kau Keng Chu.

The maroon colored wall house is indeed standing out on its own among the rest of the shophouses at that block. Kent managed to talk to the man staying there and he is so kind to let us go in and check out the house.

The main entrance. But we didn't go in through this door. We went in through the side gate.

Upper floor windows. The walls and paints are still being maintained so well.

Beautiful ceiling lights that will spin when you turn it on. Awesome!

The side entrance door. We fell in love with the door locks and knocks. Haha! Maybe I should install this type of locks at my house door next time. Confirm safe! =P

After visiting the colorful shophouses, we continued our journey to venture out to the east of Penang where Georgetown is! Georgetown here we come! =D


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