Pinang Peranakan Mansion

Anyone remember this mansion? Or should I ask, anyone remember the drama Little Nyonya? The heartbreaking Baba and Nyonya story that made this mansion super famous. You should really watch that drama if you haven't =) Worth the watch!

Anyway, one of my mission to accomplish during this trip was to visit this mansion. It's in my compulsory list. I wanted to visit there on the 3rd day but I was held up by Edmund cos he insisted at going together. Haha! So I had to reschedule everything according to his time =P

Located at Church Street, it's a beautiful green mansion in the middle of a row of shophouses. You can recognize this mansion from afar. There's lots of mini vans there bringing tourists in and out of this famous mansion.

The front part of the mansion facing the street. But you gotta enter the mansion from the gate at the side. Why do old mansion has 2 doors? One wooden and one metal gate. Hmm.....I wonder....

Hello from Pinang Peranakan Mansion! I finally made it here! =D There's an entrance fee of RM10 per person. Tours are available too. At 2 different time. We didn't manage to catch the 3pm tour as we arrived around 2pm and by 3pm, we were heading out to another mansion. Ok let the tour begin.......

The main section of the mansion. I love how old houses have an open area in the middle of the house. Love the sunlight and fresh air!

Some cards that Baba and Nyonya play. I wonder what you call this. Interesting pieces of cards.

Ah there he is. Long lost brother of another mother =P

The beautiful stairs!!! I love all the classic gold paints here and there. Made every furniture look like a treasure!

Random cabinet placed at hallways.

The open area upstairs. But then....what happen when it rains??? Can those wooden floors survive??? Hmm.....those must be super water-resistant woods.

The beautiful carvings found everywhere!!! Beautiful gold wood carvings! Love!

One of the old times bed. With curtains and lots of beautiful wood carvings!

Old times tv and radio. Mom said she used to have this type of radio when she's a teen. Nice!

This is the bed/chair that the people use to enjoy their marijuana =.= Ok so I shouldn't use the word 'enjoy'. They have the pipes on display too.

We found a unique chair! It's S shaped, made of wood and rattan. Kent said it's a chair made for the times when two argue. Haha! Sit facing opposite side =P

Love this classic camera! We were fiddling with it wondering how it actually works. And the boys start to act as pro-photographer.

Looking down from the open area upstairs.

The vain us! Even going down staircase also want to take photo. And the other trying to be the Mafia leader =P Kononlah!

The main dining room. They have 3 dining room. One main one and two smaller ones in separate rooms at each side.

Me at the main dining table. Super long table! How they 'kiap' the food??? I know the people from the old times are super polite. So how do they actually take their food from this long table???

This is the back alley leading to the kitchen. The kitchen is a separate building from the main house.

And then I was appointed as the main chef of the mansion! NOT! =D As if lah I can cook Nyonya's food. Haha! Though I love to eat Nyonya's kuih but I'm a fail housewife =P

That's all from me this time. If you are going to Penang or have never been to this mansion before, it's a MUST GO! Worth the RM10 entrance fee =D


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