RISK The Game

Back to the days when I was only 10 years old, my cousins, Chee, 12 and Ing, 11. We were introduced to this board game called RISK by Chee. I think it's one of her 3 brothers who bought this game and left in the cabinet after they got bored of it. But the 3 monkeys took it out and tried to conquer the world =D No wait, it's the world map.

We somehow got addicted to it and will gather to play almost every weekend until our parents got tired of sending us over to Chee's house and we retired. It was a game of battles and wars. You get your territory and try to conquer other people's place by taking up a battle with them. Not the swords and cannons type of battle. But the battle of dice!

Some of you may have known this game for long but I know many are still new to it. Recently, Mike brought back the inner child in everyone of us. He took out his set of RISK and welcomed the few casuals to his house for battle. And then the addiction was passed on. Until one of them got so addicted that he managed to find an online version of RISK! That was not it. He even head to the mall and got himself a set which is a different version than Mike's. It's the newer version with missions to complete. Awesome!

So few weeks back, me, Cyril and Elisha was invited for a battle at Kim's place. It's my first time after so many years of retirement. It's like the king is back for war! =P And I kinda forgotten how to play so the gentlemen had to explain to me one step at a time. Hehe =)

After about 2 hours of battle, I'll let you guess who won the war judging by the color of these arrows =D Oh did I mention? The new version uses arrows as their armies unlike the old version which has real standing armies!

The boss who tried so hard to protect his capital. Last one standing! =D

It was a very good game. Would love to have a weekly tournament. There's always a child in everyone no matter your age. This game sure brought me back much childhood memories. Love!


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