Wat Chayamangkalaram

After we left Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion with full of disappointment, we took a taxi to the famous Reclining Buddha temple. It's rather far away and we're kinda out of energy to walk anymore.

Finally saw ING company. It's like a house! And One Ritz condo. Super classy!

Here we are. This is a Thai Buddhist temple called Wat Chayamangkalaram. It's very famous for the Reclining Buddha statue. Located at Lorong Burma.

Hello from Wat Chayamangkalaram! I felt like a dwarf =P

Lotus flower candles everywhere. Beautiful~

Gold carvings of Buddha on the wall.

As from what Edmund told me, if you donate to the temple, your name will be carved onto one of these Buddha carvings. I'm not sure about the amount of donation but hey it's a good deed right? =)

There's many other standing and sitting statues of gods surrounding the Reclining Buddha. They each have a name and a purpose.

Beautiful gold carvings on the 'bed' of the Reclining Buddha. It looks like a story. Hmm.....

Buddha's feet.

Another shot from the other end.

Next up is the Standing Buddha which is just opposite this temple. Wait up! =)


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