First Fruit Cake

So, Raya has finally arrived! How did you spend your 4 days holiday? As for me, I tried to pack my schedule with as many activities as possible. But in the end, what I did was only to stay up late til 2-3am every night =.='''

A week before Raya arrive, I asked my mom if she wanna bake cake. I've never bake fruit cake before. If you followed my blog, you will know that I only bake butter cake. Mom has yet to teach me how to bake fruit cake. Though as estimated, the recipe should be about the same except there's fruits being added. 

Mom agreed. On the second day of Raya, my mom was also on leave. We decided to do some baking in the afternoon. Ingredients were all being purchased 2 nights before. I won't write out my mom's recipe. Hehe =P

After about an hour of preparation, the cake is ready to be baked!

Mixture of sugar, butter, flour, cocoa powder and of course, dried fruits. The smell of cocoa powder is very strong which I kinda like it. Makes it more chocolatey. =)

After nearly an hour of baking. Yum! The cake is ready! It looks perfectly fine from the outside. I laid it there to cool down before slicing it.

Tadah! Ready to be served!

Notice anything weird? Hehe =P This fruit cake wasn't a success. The fruits decided to sink to the bottom of the cake. Was kinda disappointed though. I asked mom why did this happened. She said could be because she forgot to heat the oven before putting in the cake. Yes, we're still using the super old fashion type of oven. The round ones with glass view on top. It has to be heated up to a certain temperature before you can put your cake in and bake.

Nevertheless, I'm not giving up. I will bake another fruit cake. Just don't know when =P The cake itself is nice. The only failure is the fruits that sank. Sigh.........


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