Of Starbucks & Hoegaarden

It's finally 31st of August! Malaysia's National Day! Means public holiday. Yay to everyone cos we can sleep til no time tomorrow morning~ Remember to off your daily alarm alright? Hehe =) So while everyone is partying outside, I am sitting at home trying to update my blog to my latest daily life. I realized I've been really slack this year. My number blog posts are so......................pathetic!

So what is it with Starbucks and Hoegaarden? Let's talk about Starbucks.

I received a tweet few weeks back, on a Friday night, asking for drink session. Starbucks has always been Fahriee's favourite hangout place. So I joined him that night together with Cyril. Just the 3 of us and our Starbucks. Be it ice blended or frappe or whatever they have in the list. I didn't want to go for coffee so I had my very first Chocolate Cream Chip. 

My first expression when I took my first sip? AWESOME! Forgive me but yes, that was just my 2nd time stepping and sitting at Starbucks. I've never been a fan of one cos of its price. But ever since that night, that very first cup of Chocolate Cream Chip. I got addicted!

For the two weekends after that night, I found myself driving to Starbucks after sending my bro off to his friend's house on my usual Sunday routine. Hahaha! But last weekend, I managed to control myself. I was at airport remember? I managed to keep myself away from walking into Starbucks. That also cos I have limited cash in my wallet. Hehe =P Else.......................................

It will be a different story~

I do not know why. I do not know how. But I fell in love with you and been wanting to taste you every weekend~ Oh I sound so wrong but who cares! =P My beloved Chocolate Cream Chip! 

Next, is my virgin experience with Hoegaarden.......

Previous weekend, I went on a date with Mike. Ho ho ho! That night I was oh-so-virgin NOT! Ok maybe towards Hoegaarden. We were browsing through the drinks menu at The Junk and I was filled with question marks above my head. I pointed at one name after another and asked Mike what are those. The only answer that he gave was "Well the best way to find out is to try them!". Haha! Fair enough. I gave Hoegaarden a good try.

Hmm.......fruity, sweet and good enough for me. Mike had..................ok my memory sucks. I forgot what he had but it's in a bottle and there's a slice of lime to be put into it and VOILA! The sour taste of beer. But I find myself prefer Hoegaarden than whatever beer that he had. Hehe =P

A night to remember~ *ahem* The Junk, Havana and Backstage. And the oh-so-many surprises after surprises! Hehe =P ssssshhhhhhhhhh! Keep them down darling. No one should know about them =)

My life's getting better lately. Yes I may be still under recovering process but I'm doing pretty well now. I managed to fill my weekend schedule. And I managed to laugh. Thanks to the many friends who stood by me. You know who you are. *winks* I'm really glad I have friends like them. Nothing means more than precious friendship. Thanks guys!


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