Sematan Trip During Raya

3rd day of Raya, also the last day of Raya holiday. In the morning, I followed Sui Yin and the rest to visit an uncle's house. None of us know him except Yin. Haha! We were there just for the sake of rendang. But what disappointment splashed onto us. No rendang =( Only cakes and cookies. Nu! I've been craving for rendang ever since Ramadhan started. Didn't get to visit Fahriee's house cos he was away. Haiya! So sad there's no rendang this year.

After the visiting, the guys sent me home and they went for lunch at Siang Siang. Initially I didn't want to follow them go Sematan for day trip. But the kids pestered me so much that I had to give in. Hehe =) Yes kids can always make me nod my head. Never ever use kids to ask permission from me =P

And so the guys came back to pick me up after lunch. We all went up in Martin's car. The poor Vios. Skirts were all ruined after the trip. Hehe =)

Sisters! Look like me or not? Haha! So I'm being corrected by Kim. They're not my stepdaughters but my foster daughters. Right.

This is the first time the girls went into the swimming pool. I was very surprised that Clarice is no longer afraid of water. She used to cry whenever we're at the beach. Little girl has finally grown up =)

Gab was so excited to found the swimming floatie that has his name. Haha! The girls were having so much fun learning how to swim. *ahem* I'm their coach. Haha! But I went energyless after few rounds. It's really not easy!!! Hmm....would love to send the girls for swimming lesson. Hehe =)

Group photo in the pool~ Martin and Welly did not join us ler =( Sad case!

After pool session, time to relax and chill by the shore~ These girls really know how to enjoy themselves. Haha! We finally left at around 6.30pm and went to nearby coffee shop for dinner.

Fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were so hungry that we finished all these and ordered for more. Haha!

More food! Taufu with jellyfish and curry squids!

The day was filled with laughter and a little emptiness in me. I've been avoiding the beach for a month. Wanted to drive all the way up to Damai many times but I quit. Because the beach always reminds me of someone. Someone I don't want to be reminded of. But that day when I was standing at the beach, yes memories did hit me. But later, I came back to reality. Came back to myself. The beach has always been my favourite place to chill out and just relax watching the waves. So why am I pushing it aside? It should be my comfort zone. Not my sad memory zone. So I'm back, to face the beach. Face my fear is how I overcome my fear =)

Anyone free to date me to the beach again? Heee~

Til next time~


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