Yong's 15th Birthday

Finally I managed to transfer the photos that were stuck inside the Fuji camera's internal memory. There was no cable so the photos had been stuck there for months. Until, suddenly my brain decided to work and I transfered them into the memory card. Ho ho ho! 

Yes! Delayed post since May!!! 3 months! Heck!

Right. So it's my bro's 15th birthday. A simple one at home. I wonder how this boy grow up so fast. It's like it's just yesterday he walked into St Joe primary school. And today he's preparing for PMR. Time sure waits for no one eh. 

There you go. He must be wishing for straight As in PMR. 1 more month to go before the big day! Yooo!

Happy birthday there little brother~

I know I've been procrastinating about blogging but I will try to update as often as possible. Past few weeks had been busy with dance performance. Shall write another post tonight if the Photobucket allows. Somehow the system went a lil haywire. The edited will not appear even though it's being saved. Gotta wait for several hours before the system captures the edited one. Hmm....anyone facing this problem?

Anyway, cheers~ I'm still alive!


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