Princess's Birthday


Quick review: Last month was awesome despite that I was being hospitalized =P I had a superb time with colleagues and crews and ST3P family. Things are getting good. Life is getting GREAT! I'm happily enjoying my everyday life now =) With all the loves around me, I know this year will end with a good chapter. Heee~

Anyway, here are some updates. Princess Jovell's birthday was actually back in July. I don't remember blogging anything about that. I did not join in her birthday celebrations but I got a gift.

Princess Jovell in her new dress. Hehe =) I love dressing up my girls in pretty dresses. Next time will pamper them with tons of hair accessories. Dear mommy Yin, please don't nag. Haha!

Aren't they adorable?

And here is for last month's celebration. It was just the next day after I discharged from hospital. We were all gathered at Yin's mom's house to celebrate her mom's birthday but because I missed Daphne's birthday, I brought her gift along.

Princess Daphne in her new red dress. She's growing up to be a beautiful isn't it? =)

A blur shot taken by Uncle Gab. No skill la bro. Hahaha!

The party went on with Uncle Welly distracting the girls with his phone's games. I think I need to start downloading games into my phone. Hmm......

A shot of all 3 of them. Can't wait to see them again! Love much!!!


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