Sakae Sushi with Taki

Dated 22nd October 2012. I know I know. It's now end of March 2013. But oh wells, things tend to get stuck with me so yes I'm back-blogging =P Bear with me please. Heee~ 

The night I spent my time with Taki pampering me with good food and good movie. It was my first time at Sakae Sushi at Spring. Taki picked me up from home and we headed down for a light dinner before movie.

Green tea from Sakae Sushi. What amazed me wasn't the green tea.

It was this hot water dispenser. Ok so I admit that I was a noob. I don't know how to operate this thing and nearly got my fingers boiled =P

The hardcopy menu. Cute eh.

And Taki went on to order via the tablet connected to each table. Cool huh~ Something new in Kuching.

He got himself a member card. I forgot what's the privilege but it's to collect points. Unlike Sushi King's card which is to get discount from every purchase.

Food time! California roll with fish roe.

Raw tuna. Not so fancy over this.

Erm.....ok I forgot what is this thing. Looks like scallop. 

Never ever ever forget fresh salmon! Yummeh! 

Since someone hasn't had his dinner, he need something to fill his tummy so he went and order some rice with chicken meat and potato. Looks nice.

Anyway, it was a night to remember. Why? Because that's the first time we went for a movie date. Speaking of the movie. It was Ted that we watched. Ehhhhh miss that movie! Must catch the 2nd one coming soon. Hee~ Chao!

Promise to come up with another post tomorrow night. Oh I just had to you know. Cos it's gonna be a work post. =D 从出江湖了!


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