Christmas Dinner at KL

Food time!!! And fun time with the cousins. Hehe =D Dinner was called early around 5pm. Started off with my aunty's colleagues and friends. Families came later cos we tend to party harder than anyone else. Haha! The Ho family sure knows how to have fun and yes we're closer than we look =)

My aunty's maid is super awesome! She can cook all the nice food!!!

My cousin baked this chocolate cake. Love it much! Why lah didn't I ask for the recipe! But then again, I need a better oven if I were to bake any cakes now.

Shot for the sisters =) Don't they look the same? Hehe

My beloved aunty! Love her to the max!!! <3 p="">

The party will never start without the cousins arriving. Ing who had moved to KL few years ago. Now what we need is for her to get a place of her own then I can fly there and bunk at her place. Wahahahaha! Oops! =P Teeheeheeeee~~

My adorable niece Caylee! She's so hyper so adorable to sweet so naughty! She stole the spotlight for that night. Haha! Always does and always will!

That's when she's hyper. Hahahaha! She's always moving around. It's so hard to get her sit still for a photo. Just like the aunty I guess? Wahahaha! bro decided he needs to trace back his ancestors by being a cow =.= HAHAHA!

The fun crazy loud wacky hyper KACHENGS! We're missing a few else I think the house will be upside down already by our laughters =P

Another shot with the aunties. Eh no. The elder sisters. Hahahaha!

These are the presents I got from my aunties and cousins. Secretly love the bangle most. Hehehe =P

And this is my Christmas present I got for myself. But sadly this pair of sneakers had been worn out. Love it so much! But just won't last me long enough til next Christmas....

Ok! So I'm done with my JB-KL vacation post. Like FINALLY! Do wait up for more posts. Gotta take some time to edit all the photos. Dang I'm like rushing everything before September ends. Hahahaha! Alright. Now next will be a work post. MUST do it tonight. I just don't like to submit my work late. Hehe =D Wait up!


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