iCity With Family

Aha! Here's to the missing photos. Haha! Finally found them and done editing. Hehe =) These photos were all taken by Dennis. Thus the thanks to Thinker_D. 

When I said I will be back to iCity, I know I will and I did. But this time with my family. I've been really wanting to bring my mom to iCity and let her see the beauty of lights. Of course, she was mesmerized! Although the mood was a lil spoilt cos my dad was sick and we wanted him to stay home but he stubbornly insisted at following. Sigh...It's ok. He just wanted to spend time with us I know =)

The view of the whole iCity. I heard there's a water theme park next to iCity. Is it open yet? The place has changed from the last time I was there. That's been a year!

Can't seem to capture the lights. Was this shot taken by me? I think it was. Haha! A Nikonian trying to capture beautiful lights with a Canon gear and there goes the failure =P

Starting our journey at iCity!

This looks like the Celcom Christmas tree that has always been up and around during Christmas season in Kuching. Haha! Except it's not purple.

Fat snowman made out of lights and not snow =D

I just love this angle. The perfect colourful lighted trees. Nice kan?

My most treasured photo. Love this shot!

Thank you so much to Dennis who brought us around. Alright. Next up will be shopping session around the city. See ya!


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